Our Services

We are house sitters providing weekly or bi-weekly check-ups on the well being of your house in the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and North Port, Florida areas.

While you're away we will:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home to assure that your landscaping is being maintained, the lawn is mowed, the boat is safe on it's lift etc.
  • Check the interior of your house, flush toilets, run faucets to keep water in traps, check to be sure that A/C and dehumidifiers are running, and in working order, also confirm that refridgerators and freezers are running and working properly.
  • Check that all windows and doors remain closed and locked.
In the event of a problem while we are minding your home, we will notify you and contact the appropriate service company or repair person from the list you've provided of your trusted service professionals. We will also meet them at your house, let them in and confirm that all needed repairs are completed.   When you leave town we strongly recommend that your home be left in a hurricane ready state with shutters in place. All loose outdoor furniture and water hoses should be taken indoors as well.   Fees for looking after your house will be negotiated on the basis of your home's location, the number of visits required per month and the period of time you will be away.   We will be happy to provide references from existing Watch Over Your Home customers upon request.  

About Us

We are Will and Fran Cornwall.  Will is a retired Florida state certified general contractor, and Fran has run our family business, Cornwall Construction in Florida since 2002. We are a family owned and operated house watching service.

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